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Important Information
about Coronavirus Disease 2019

A Message from Dr. James P. Doran, 
Director of Personnel/Human Resources/Compliance 
and Crisis Management for Harrison Public Schools 

                                                            March 20, 2020

An important message to parents, staff, and students of the Harrison Public Schools:

In accordance with Governor Murphy’s Executive Order all Harrison schools will continue the Distance Learning Program until further notice. Students will continue to complete their lessons from home via teacher prepared learning packets, laptops, smartphones, or other internet-ready devices.

Again, we are seeking the help of parents and guardians to assist children in completing lessons. Our Distance Learning plan and letter to parents is available on the district website at harrisonschools.org.  Again, please be reminded that the NJ Department of Education will only count these distance learning days as mandated school days when student attendance is taken by the teachers and evidence of student work is completed. 

Throughout this Distance Learning period, free ‘grab-n-go’ breakfast and lunch will be served for ALL CHILDREN 18 and under.  Please note the change of times that breakfast and lunch will be served at Washington Middle School and Harrison High School from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

During this Distance Learning process, parents should contact the appropriate principal's office as needed regarding technology, health, and other support services.  Child Study Team members and other related services staff will be contacting parents and students directly to arrange for additional services.

Again, all Harrison Public Schools will continue the Distance Learning from home for all students and continue throughout Governor Murphy’s Executive Order. For information on the COVID19 crisis, please refer to the district’s website at harrisonschools.orgThank you.

Please refer to the district’s home page for more information. Thank you!

COVID-19 Flyer: Facts and Prevention Tips

Students and parents have been emailed an important flyer from the State of New Jersey Department of Health and CDC regarding COVID-19 (also known as "coronavirus".) Click the image below to view the flyer. Spanish and Simplified Chinese flyers available underneath the flyer.

Coronavirus 2019 Information 

Information in English
Information in Spanish

Information in Simplified Chinese


New Jersey Department of Health
Communicable Disease Service

The New Jersey Department of Health's Communicable Disease Service has additional resources on the guidelines for preventing and controlling outbreaks in school environments, including specific guidelines for Coronavirus Disease 2019. For more information on these measures, click here.

Local Artist inspires Hamilton Students!

Local artist Nicole Dignazio is adding some positivity to Hamilton Intermediate School in an effort to support social, emotional, and mental health!  Nicole is giving our student bathrooms a makeover with the intent to spark kindness.  Paintings of inspirational quotes like "Why fit in when you where born to stand out", "Bloom where you are planted", and "You are loved", have been decorated on our bathroom doors.  Thank you Nicole!   

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